Jiaxing Jingke Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Jingke specializes in metal powder injection molding (MIM), a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. At present, a new pattern with Shanghai as the headquarters and Jiaxing as the production base has been formed, and it has entered the field of high-end intelligent manufacturing.

The company has been committed to using metal powder injection molding technology to produce small, complex three-dimensional shapes and high-precision metal structural parts. The metal parts products developed and produced by the company are widely used in communication electronics, consumer electronics, automobiles, medical care, smart locks and other fields. Provide reliable supporting products for partners for a long time.

Stamping Machine Processing Branch

Stamping Machine Processing Branch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of jingke technology, which is a supporting project of thecompanys industry, mainly engaged in high-precision stamping, machining, auto parts products, for communication equipment,3C Electronics, automation equipment, home appliances and other precision products. There are 20 sets of stamping equipmentand 80 sets of machining equipment. We provide one-stop technical support and manufacturing services by means ofstandardization, modularization or special customization.


Tooling Department

Jingke Technology Mold Manufacturing Department, set precision mold design, manufacturing, fixture, fixture precision processing inone,mainly responsible for internal and extermnal processing of mold design and manufacturing. The existing processing center,carving machine, discharge machine,milling machine, precision grinder and more than a dozen sets of processing equipment, andhas three coordinates, projector and other testing equipment.In metal powder injection Molding Mim Mold,fxture manufacturingexperience.

  • 模具製造部
  • 模具製造部
  • 模具製造部
  • 模具製造部
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