The origin of the development of powder metallurgy in the metal industry

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Using MIM technology to develop the geometry of metal parts, we should pay attention to the flexible design of plastic parts and get rid of the limitations of traditional metal processing technology. The MIM process can handle complex shaped parts, evalsuate multiple parts, integrate various features/functions into a single part, enhance product assembly performance, simplify mechanical parts, reduce quality, and customize various physical properties according to expectations.

MIM is the most cost-effective method for manufacturing medium or large numbers of small and complex metal parts. One way to evalsuate alternatives is to imagine how many processing operations will be used to produce the product. Generally speaking, for products that require more than 4 processes, MIM is the preferred process. Note: For each processing feature, the processing cost will increase; for mold forming, the MIM cost will not increase much, or even increase the cost.

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