Metal powder injection molding process has unique advantages

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The metal powder injection molding process has unique advantages in the production of large and complex parts. Designers should focus on designing complex 3D shape parts to give full play to the metal powder injection molding process, reduce production costs, and improve product performance. The advantages of the metal powder injection molding process can be summarized as follows:

Gold powder injection molding can form various complex-shaped metal parts with consistent density and performance, which is isotropic. Powder metallurgy provides great freedom for product design.

It can be as close as possible to the final part with the highest accuracy.

Even through solid-phase sintering, the relative density can reach 95%. Its performance can be compared with forged materials, especially its dynamic performance.

Powder injection molding is a new technology that combines traditional powder metallurgy technology and modern plastic injection molding technology. The main advantages of this technology can directly manufacture parts in the final shape, minimize the processing process, save raw materials, and solve the difficult problems of complex products for many years; and the materials of this technology have a wide range of applications, usually made of metals, alloys, Made of powder ceramics. In addition, it has automatic continuous production of parts using this technology, high production efficiency, high material characteristics and high product size, so it has received widespread attention.

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